Buying a last-minute plane ticket to play a bucket list golf course. Teeing it up in the snow. Golf sparks a passion that inspires players to do seemingly crazy things. We asked our TeeOff Course Chat Facebook Group what lengths they’ve gone to for the love of golf and the answers were nothing short of amazing!

I Love Golf So Much I...

... played 7 rounds in 4 days in Myrtle Beach in 45-50 degrees and rain - Fred Leahy

… practiced putting at my wedding reception - Donald Morin

… played so late in the year we did snow angels on the green - Christopher Brown

… bought a last-minute plane ticket because I got on at Bethpage Black the next morning. Had a 5am flight from Chicago to make a late AM tee time on Long Island. Shot a 95 from the tips and got heat exhaustion because it was 96 degrees, but I would do it again tomorrow!! - TJ Steinmetz

… flew to Scotland for one round and flew back home the next day - Kevin Beddington

… once took my 3 wood to work just so I could drive balls 250 feet in the air off a catwalk - John Williams

… caddied 36 holes in one day and then played 18 holes - Shaun King

… had my reenlistment party on Admiral Baker Field South Course back in 1990! - Desean Davis

… called in sick to my sister’s wedding for a round at Oakmont CC - Barrett McGrath

… delivered a shipment in Chicago and on the drive back home to Philadelphia, I played Notre Dame's Warren Golf Club. Left there and played Penn State's Blue Course. My clubs are always with me! - Ken Wiltshire

... played 36 holes two days before having inguinal hernia surgery. Took enough pain meds to take the “edge” off but not enough to make me fall asleep in the cart - Matt Warwick

… couldn't get a good night's sleep because I was so excited to be playing! New course, old course- it didn't matter. At the time, all that mattered was playing with my late uncle! - Justin Haapala