In honor of movie awards season, we asked our golfers on the TeeOff Facebook Page to describe their golf game using a movie title, and the answers couldn’t be scripted any better! And the award for best answer goes to…

The Movie Title That Best Describes My Golf Game Is…

Gone with the Wind - Jimmy W.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Peter B.

He Got Game - Liam M.

The Dirty Dozen - Dan F.

Mission Impossible - Dave W.

Clear and Present Danger - Jared T.

For the Love of the Game - Becky M.

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Andrew J.

Failure to Launch - Joe D.

Hackers - Lou R.

Water World - Mark E.

Gone in 60 Seconds - Mike B.

The Hangover - Tim B.

The Natural - Kenny P.

Trainwreck - Tully B.

Hook - Victorray M.

From Dusk til Dawn - Billy V.

Pitch Perfect - Josh P.