TeeOff DEAL Pass FAQs

My Deal Pass membership is changing to GolfPass+. What does that mean for my benefits?

Most of your Deal Pass benefits will stay the same, and will continue to be available to you, including your $150 credit toward tee times. You will also gain access to new and expanded benefits that are a part of the GolfPass+ program, including tee time credits that are delivered to you every month, extra Rewards points on qualifying rounds, easy tee time cancellations, $0 convenience fees on all TeeOff tee times and much more.

When do the changes go into effect?

Your Deal Pass membership will officially become GolfPass+ on May 7, 2020.

What is GolfPass/GolfPass+?

GolfPass is golf's best all-in-one membership, offering golfers MORE for their game. A GolfPass membership includes exclusive shows and videos you can't find anywhere else, monthly credit for tee times, TaylorMade golf balls every year, expert advice from pros like Rory McIlroy and top instructors, and much more.

Your GolfPass+ membership adds even more benefits, including earning more rewards points on qualifying rounds, hassle-free tee time cancellations, and no fees.

Will my 25% discount on Deal Times and extra 10% off promotions still be available?

With the changes to your membership and the additional monthly tee time credits that are included with GolfPass+, the discount programs from the Deal Pass membership will be going away.

How do I access my GolfPass+ account?

Visit GolfPass.com or download the GolfPass app for your mobile device. Then just sign in with your current TeeOff login information.

Your access will automatically be available beginning May 7, 2020.

Where can I learn more about GolfPass and GolfPass+ memberships?

Visit our GolfPass member information, including terms and conditions, here.

My membership is scheduled to renew soon. What will happen then?

Your Deal Pass membership will become GolfPass+, and your membership will automatically renew at the original Deal Pass price of $149 - a $50 savings from the GolfPass+ membership rate.

Subsequent renewals will be charged the regular membership amount.

Below is information on DEAL Pass program effective now through May 7, 2020.

What is TeeOff DEAL Pass?

The TeeOff DEAL Pass is your pass to the BEST DEALS on TeeOff tee times. DEAL Pass players save an EXTRA 25% off DEAL Times. Plus, TeeOff DEAL Pass players receive $150 in golf value and additional perks just for signing up. DEAL Pass is good for a full year and it auto-renews.

What are the benefits of TeeOff DEAL Pass?

TeeOff DEAL Pass players receive an extra 25% OFF already reduced DEAL Times, a $120 in DEAL Time golf, a priority reservation line, and special perks throughout the year.

Are there any additional benefits of TeeOff DEAL Pass?

TeeOff DEAL Pass players also have the opportunity to achieve savings greater than 25% OFF already reduced DEAL Times by adding an additional 10% OFF to any active promo code!* If you are a DEAL Pass player and have a 20% off code, your discount will automatically increase to 30% off. Or if you have a $5 off promo code, you can layer an extra 10% off the adjusted price. You must be logged in, but you'll see the savings in your cart.

*Please note that the two benefits (25% OFF & an additional 10% OFF an active code) cannot be combined. However, you can combine the DEAL Pass 10% off promo code to any promo in our emails or our website! Value of the codes can't exceed the value of the tee time.

How do I become a TeeOff DEAL Pass player?

It's easy. Click here to enroll today!

How long does it take to activate my TeeOff DEAL Pass benefits after I pay the enrollment fee?

You can start enjoying TeeOff DEAL Pass benefits on future reservations immediately after your purchase is complete.

How long does my TeeOff DEAL Pass subscription last?

Your DEAL Pass benefits last 1 year from the original date of purchase. Benefits will auto-renew at the end of the term at the then-current rates.

How much is a DEAL Pass?

TeeOff DEAL Pass is currently priced at $149 per year.

Do I have to renew my TeeOff Pass annually?

Your TeeOff DEAL Pass is set to auto-renew, but you can turn this feature off at any time by logging into your account and changing the auto-renew setting to OFF.

How do I apply my TeeOff DEAL Pass discount to DEAL Times? Is it available on desktop and the app?

Your 25% TeeOff DEAL Pass discount will happen automatically whenever you book a DEAL Time while logged into TeeOff.com or the TeeOff app. Your additional 10% TeeOff DEAL Pass discount will automatically occur whenever you enter an active promo code in the checkout cart.

Can I still book over the phone as a TeeOff DEAL Pass player?

Of course. And your TeeOff DEAL Pass discounts will work the same way as booking online or in the app. Just call us at (877)-5TEEOFF or (877)-583-3633.

Where can I use my DEAL Pass?

Your TeeOff DEAL Pass can be used at more than a thousand courses offering promo eligible DEAL Times.

I shared a TeeOff DEAL Pass Friends & Family promo with a friend, and he never received it. It must be trapped in spam somewhere- Can I receive a new one?

Email filters can be tricky. Give us a call at (877)-5TEEOFF or (877)-583-3633 and we'll make sure your friend receives your generous gift!

My friend said that she sent me a TeeOff DEAL Pass Friends & Family promo and I never received it? How do I get this promotion?

No worries. Have your generous friend and DEAL Pass player give us a call at (877)-5TEEOFF or (877)-583-3633 and we'll get it sorted out!

How do I cancel my TeeOff DEAL Pass subscription?

TeeOff DEAL Passes are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

Are there additional terms and conditions for TeeOff DEAL Pass?

Yes. Please check them out here.

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