Frequently Asked Questions


Can I book a tee time over the phone?
Yes, we are available at 855.383.3633, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
How far in advance are tee times available on the TeeOff℠ website and mobile app?
Tee times are available up to 14 days in advance.
Can I book a tee time for one player?
Single tee times are available on the TeeOff℠ website and app three days in advance of play at most courses, unless a course prohibits the booking of single players. If you ever have trouble reserving a time, call 855.383.3633 and we'll do everything possible to get you out on the course.
Can I book groups of 6, 8, etc?
Yes, we make it easy to book larger groups. For group reservations, we recommend calling us at 855.383.3633 to indicate the desired number of golfers in each tee time. It is important to note that promo codes can only be applied to DEAL Times and are not transferable to adjacent tee times.
Can I change or cancel a tee time?
Cancellation and refund policies vary by course and tee time type. In the event that you need to change or cancel your tee time, please honor the course's cancellation policy by calling us at 855.383.3633.
Can I change or cancel a DEAL Time?
DEAL Times can be canceled but are non-refundable unless the golf course is closed on the day of play. To cancel your tee time, go to your View Reservations page and click “Modify Players or Cancel” on the reservation you would like to cancel. Select the number of players you wish to remove from your reservation and a reason, then click “Submit Cancellation.”
What happens if I make an error while booking a DEAL Time on the TeeOff℠ website or app, and I accidentally book the wrong course or the right course on the wrong day?
We understand that mistakes happen. Please call us at 855.383.3633, and we will do everything that we can to come up with a solution and get you to the first tee.
What happens if I get rained out?
Weather policies vary by course, but most courses offer a full refund if the course is closed due to weather. If you have checked in at the course, the course is responsible for issuing a raincheck. If you're rained out prior to checking in, simply call us at 855.383.3633 and we'll help issue a refund and find a new date to play.
Why is a tee time sometimes moved or canceled on the TeeOff℠ website and app after I've purchased it?
Courses reserve the right to move tee times in the event of course closures, overbooking or events. This is not a common occurrence, but it is possible. We will work with you and the course to find an alternative time or to issue a refund.
What is a TeeOff℠ Select Course?
TeeOff has individual contracts and arrangements with each golf course listed on and the TeeOff app. As a result, some golf courses can be found on the course exclusion list, meaning that some Promo Codes cannot be used at those courses. The terms of the contract with some golf courses prevent the use of Promo Codes on Deals tee times and other tee times that have already been discounted. To see if your desired golf course does not allow the use of Promo Codes, click here.


Is there a service fee to book a tee time?
No. There are NO BOOKING FEES for all rounds booked through the TeeOff℠ website, app and reservation center. Every course. Every tee time.
You say it's NO BOOKING FEES, but booking fees appear on some TeeOff℠ branded sites. Why?
NO BOOKING FEES only applies to rounds booked directly through the TeeOff℠ website, app and reservation center.
How do I redeem a coupon / promo code?
Promo codes can be redeemed during the checkout process by filling in the promo code field with your active code. Some Promo Codes have restrictions on the days and/or times when they can be redeemed (i.e. valid on play dates Monday – Thursday after 12pm). For specific restrictions affecting a Promo Code you may have, please refer to the Terms & Conditions delivered with the Promo Code you are redeeming. Please remember that promo code values reflect local currency, and promo codes can only be applied to DEAL Times, so don't forget to look for the green deal tag when you're looking to get to the first tee for less.
How do I get a receipt showing the amount I paid?
We will email a confirmation and receipt following payment. If you did not receive a receipt, please call us at 855.383.3633. Receipts for canceled tee times will be emailed within 24 hours of cancellation.
Will I incur any transaction fees related to booking courses in other countries?
Depending on your issuing bank, you may incur fees related to foreign transactions. Please contact your bank for more details.


How can I get the TeeOff℠ app?
The TeeOff℠ app is available for FREE download for iPhone on the App Store and Android on Google Play.
Will my current TeeOff℠ account work on the app?
Yes, your TeeOff℠ account and corresponding credit cards are available as long as you use the same email address/username and password on the app.
How do I update my email or contact information?
Go to the My Account section on the TeeOff℠ website and select Account Information, or visit the TeeOff℠ app, click the Profile icon and select Account to update your information.

TeeOff Rewards Program - Learn More:

Will I lose my current points/what will happen to my current points?
You will not lose any points you currently have. Beginning 5/6/2020, you will receive 25 points for every current point you have on Tee Off. For example, if you have 2 points currently, your balance will become 50 points.
Are my current Tee Off Points Rewards still good?
Yes! Your TeeOff Rewards are still good through their expiration date. Your existing $5 TeeOff Rewards promo code will be converted to 2 $10 rewards. For example – if you have 3 $5 Rewards promo codes, then you now have 6 $10 rewards promo codes ready to use in your account!
How do I earn points on TeeOff now?
You will earn 1 point for each dollar you spend on TeeOff or GolfNow tee time bookings. Points are awarded after the round is played.
How many points do I need to earn a Reward?
For every 100 points earned, you will automatically receive a $10 Reward to redeem on TeeOff Deal Times or GolfNow Hot Deals tee times.
Are they any restrictions for my Rewards?
$10 rewards can be used for Deal Times M-Th, after 12pm. If you are a GolfPass+ member, you can use your $10 rewards any day for anytime with a booking 3 days in advance of your play date.
Where can I earn points?
You will now earn Rewards points for qualifying tee times you book on TeeOff or GolfNow. All points will be combined into one total, and your Rewards will be available to use on either site.
Where can I use the $10 Rewards?
You have more options to redeem your Rewards. You can apply them toward Deal Times on TeeOff or Hot Deals tee times on GolfNow. In addition, you can apply your Rewards to purchase a GolfPass membership.
Where can I view my Rewards?
View your Rewards here.

eGift Cards:

How do I buy a TeeOff℠ eGift Card?
TeeOff℠ eGift Cards are available for purchase here. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards registered to addresses in the United States. International orders will not be accepted.
How do I redeem a TeeOff℠ eGift Card?
TeeOff℠ eGift Cards are valid on DEAL Times and can be redeemed online, in the app or over the phone.
Can I redeem my TeeOff℠ eGift Card at the golf course?
TeeOff℠ eGift Cards cannot be redeemed for purchases at the golf course.
Can TeeOff℠ eGift Cards be redeemed on purchases made outside of the U.S.?
TeeOff℠ eGift Cards are valid in U.S. Dollars and only on golf courses based in the United States.
How do I make a purchase for more than the amount remaining on my TeeOff℠ eGift Card?
To make a purchase for more than the balance on your TeeOff℠ eGift Card, first enter the balance of your eGift Card in the payment section of the cart and then use a credit card to pay the remaining balance.
Can I use more than one TeeOff℠ eGift Cards on a single purchase?
Yes, you can apply multiple TeeOff℠ eGift Cards to a single transaction. Purchases applying multiple eGift Cards must be completed over the phone by contacting us at 855.383.3633.
What happens if I need to cancel a DEAL Time booked using a TeeOff℠ eGift Card?
The amount charged to your TeeOff℠ eGift Card(s) will be refunded to TeeOff℠ eGift Card(s) upon cancellation minus any applicable fees.
What do I do if the recipient does not receive my TeeOff℠ eGift Card?
If the intended recipient does not receive the TeeOff℠ eGift Card or accidentally deletes it, ask the recipient to check SPAM folders, deleted email folders or automatic filters. If the TeeOff℠ eGift Card is not found, you can contact us 24/7 for assistance. Please have your receipt and order number ready.
Can I reload my TeeOff℠ eGift Cards?
No, TeeOff℠ eGift Cards are not reloadable.
I have a physical Gift Card that I received in the mail. Is it still valid and how do I redeem it?
Yes, the physical Gift Card you received in the mail is still valid on DEAL Times. Simply find a time online and contact us 24 hours a day at 855.383.3633 to book your round. Physical gift cards must be redeemed by phone.

Ratings and Reviews:

How I review a course on
You will receive an email within 72 hours of play from our partners,, with a link to our review system. Make sure to double check your spam filters.
I submitted a review, but I can’t find it on the website. What happened?
Reviews can take up to 72 hours to post. If your review isn’t visible 72-hours after submission, it may have been flagged as inappropriate by our moderation software, and it will receive an additional review within 7 days of posting.
Can I review a course that I didn’t book on or the TeeOff app?
To ensure the highest level of accuracy in our ratings and reviews, we are only accepting current reviews from verified purchasers.
Can I review a course that I played on TeeOff in the past?
To guarantee that our reviewers are always reviewing courses in their current state, rounds played prior to July 2018 aren’t eligible for review.
Why can’t I respond to another golfer’s review?
Good news. That feature is coming soon.
When will reviews display on the app?
Reviews will be available in the TeeOff app in May of 2019.
My golf course received an inaccurate review. Is there a way to address the review or have TeeOff take it down?
All golf courses have the option to respond to reviews in our system, but if your course hasn’t activated that feature yet, please contact your Customer Service Manager to discuss the review you’re concerned about and pose any additional questions on ratings and reviews.


I can no longer log into Golf18Network. Can I still use my Golf18Network rewards, refunds, and / or credits on or in the TeeOff app?
• Good news. TeeOff offers the same great courses as Golf18Network, and if you had unused credits on Golf18Network on November 14, 2019, they are now available for use on Please note that you must have a TeeOff account to redeem your credits.