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10 Unforgettable Memories

On March 14th, #TeeOffNation member Dave Blakelock started his journey of playing 100 golf courses in 100 days to help raise awareness for Alzheimer’s. And after 10,000+ miles, 1,800 holes and 8,945 shots, Dave accomplished his dream and made plenty of memories along the way. Here are his Top 10 moments.
The Purple Ball Ritual

10. The Purple Ball Ritual

  • Prior to Dave’s trip, Dave and the TeeOff Team decided on the ritual of playing a purple ball in honor of someone who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s on the 3rd hole at every course.
  • "I was a little skeptical of the ritual before the trip, but I didn’t appreciate the impact that it would have on people. It personalized the whole idea of the trip. When you play for a person’s loved one, the reaction that I got across the board was very moving and kept me going.”
Meeting Don Petty

9. Meeting Don Petty

  • On Day 3, Dave played with #TeeOffNation member Don Petty. Don recently finished playing golf in all of the lower 48 states in honor of his son Jeff, who tragically lost his battle with cancer.
  • “Don is a character. Along with his tradition of placing a piece of Jeff’s shirt in every 17th hole, he has a tradition that when his round is over, he takes a shot of Fireball. So, we all went out to Don’s van in the parking lot and took a shot. Even one of the workers there took a shot with us.”
Meeting Up with Old Friends in Texas

8. Meeting Up with Old Friends in Texas

  • On Day 31, after traveling through California & Arizona, Dave played with his brother and two childhood friends five days in a row from Austin to Houston.
  • “The four of us basically grew up together so that was a really fun outing. We all learned about Texas winds during that stretch.”
Visiting the Callaway Headquarters

7. Visiting the Callaway Headquarters

  • On Day 8, Dave visited the Callaway Headquarters to take a tour of the facility and record an interview on the podcast, “The ShipShow.”
  • “They were very helpful and supportive of the effort. Because I’ve played Callaway clubs for 30 years, it was surreal that I was touring their headquarters.”
Fielding a Purple Ball Request

6. Fielding a Purple Ball Request

  • On Day 14, Dave arrived at Laughlin Ranch with someone in mind to honor with a purple ball, but that all changed when he walked in the clubhouse.
  • “I talked with his secretary for a bit. I told her what I was doing and why I was there, and she told me that her mom has Alzheimer’s. Spur of the moment, I asked if I could play a ball for her mom. After the round I gave her the ball, and she got up from her desk and gave me a huge hug and thanked me. That was the reaction I got from across the country.”
Meeting Teryn Gregson

5. Meeting Teryn Gregson

  • On Day 72, Dave played a purple ball for the grandfather of PGA TOUR broadcaster Teryn Gregson. On Day 97, Dave met up with Teryn and gave her that purple ball.
  • “I reached out to her and asked if I could play a purple ball for her grandfather. She immediately accepted. Then I brought the purple ball to the Travelers and gave it to her. That was a special time to see how meaningful that was to her.”
Playing in a Torrential Downpour

4. Playing in a Torrential Downpour

  • On Day 95, Dave and one of his good friends arrived at Mohawk Golf Club only to be greeted by the worst weather of the trip.
  • “We ended up playing 18 holes in monsoon-type rain. We were the only two people stupid enough to be out on the course.”
Playing with Someone Battling Alzheimer’s

3. Playing with Someone Battling Alzheimer’s

  • On Day 98, Dave played a few holes with a man who was battling Alzheimer’s.
  • “Starting at 11, we had him play with us for 3 holes. By that 3rd hole, all that muscle memory came back. You could see he had a nice swing, hit the ball 150 yards, and he had this sense of joy on his face that was really special.”
Playing TPC Sawgrass

2. Playing TPC Sawgrass

  • On Day 53, Dave played his favorite course of the trip, TPC Sawgrass – Stadium Course.
  • “The question that everyone asks is, ‘What was your favorite course?’ The course is just so beautiful. Everywhere you look you want to take a picture because there isn’t a blade of grass out of place.”
Playing a Purple Ball for Mom

1. Playing a Purple Ball for Mom

  • On Day 33, Dave, his brother and two close friends received news that his mom had passed away after her battle with Alzheimer’s.
  • “We all played a ball for my mom that day. It was good to be with guys that I had known for 50 years. It was a special afternoon to be able to honor her in that way.”