Married to the Game
Do I have everything I need for my tux? When do pictures start? Let me read through my vows one last time. The first-dance steps, were they One-Two-Three or One-Two?

Millions of thoughts run through your head on the morning of your wedding, but for #TeeOffNation member DeAndre Stinson, the thoughts running through his head were a little different.

Does everyone have their clubs? Do I have time to hit some balls before I tee off? One-Two-Three. Swing Back-Release-Follow Through.

“Dre’s Last Outing” began roughly 5 hours before the biggest moment of his life, and it provided the perfect outlet for DeAndre and his groomsmen to walk in some putts before they walk down the aisle. And for 14 holes, everything went perfect.

On the 15th Tee Box, Dre pulled back his driver and right at the top of his swing, his phone started going berserk with calls and texts.

After shoving a drive, he grabbed his phone. “Whatcha doing? Not sure if it’s old photos, but I just saw on Jerell’s Instagram a pic of you playing golf. Obviously not today?!”

Never one to lie, Dre hashed out a quick text back to his wife to be. “Mortquita, you got me. I figured I’d do the only thing I love almost as much as you today… (heart emojis)”

Mortquita, quickly. “Ah. You’re too much. As long as you’re there when I told you to be there, I won’t kill you.”

Perfect. Now DeAndre just had to figure out what to do with that terrible tee shot.

Fast forward to today… DeAndre and Mortquita are still going strong, and now when they attend weddings, they hit the range in the morning and only think about the same three things… Swing Back-Release-Follow Through.