We asked, and our golfers answered! And after one quick glance at the scary shots listed below, it’s easy to conclude that it doesn’t have to be Halloween for the golf course to turn into a total fright fest… Heck, a few of these scary shots are frightening enough to keep the pros on their toes 365 days a year. So take a look and let us know which scenarios make the little hairs on your neck rise up to say hello.

The Scariest Shot In Golf Is…

… anything over water, even a mud puddle. - Michael G Totten

… a chip over a greenside bunker with the green sloping away and water on the opposite side of the green. - Freddy Bartnicki

… those shots usually on 18 when you’re hitting straight towards an uncomfortably close clubhouse. - Derek Schuetz

… the next shot! - Bob Liddle

… any shot with a road to the left or right... I've taken out a back window and don't wanna do it again. - Erik Watson

… a 3 ft putt for par! - Tank Raibourn

… the shot right after a complete duff with a crowd of others looking on. - Skippy LaRue

… going into 18 one stroke up. - Tony Perkins

… behind a tree for fear of breaking a club… or wrist… or face… - Billy DeSimone

… teeing off first in outing while 4 groups are waiting. - Curt Lawrence