Bitter cold. Blistering heat. Relentless wind. Weather can be crazy, but golfers are even crazier. We asked our golfers on the TeeOff Facebook Page what conditions they’ve braved to sneak in a round when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, and the answers bring the heat.

The Craziest Conditions I’ve Braved to Play a Round are…

88 degrees and about 90% humidity! Couldn’t hardly see from the sweat running in my eyes! - Rick B.

Playing Scottish links in 65 mph wind was the craziest for sure. I hit a 5 wood off the first tee and the wind blew it so far out to sea that it landed closer to Iceland than Scotland. - Mike E.

Me and my buddy were playing in a straight downpour. Couldn’t see greens from tees. We didn’t hear the siren. Apparently, we were the only ones on the course for an hour. We were soaked. - Mike G.

While in my teens back in 80s, I was teeing off and lightning struck the tee box and thankfully not me. I am paranoid to this day with threat of lightning! - Clarke M.

Recent memory would be 17 degrees, don't recall wind chill but ski pants and lots of layers. We use rubber range tees since impossible to push tee in ground. Tough to decide clubs on approach when balls bounce like cart paths from fairways and greens. - Chris S.

One time we played with my sons and the fairways were frozen and covered with ice. When you hit the ball it ran for three to four hundred yards on the ice but you had no control of the direction. - Miriam M.

About 36 degrees and snowing. Was cold but fun. - Jeff T.

115° in Phoenix, it was awesome. - Jerry S.

Two-day tourney. 40-degree temps, constant rain, greens like lightning. Hard to putt across creeks. - JG H.

The beginning of a hurricane. I did better with the wind. - Joan N.

39 degrees and sleet blowing sideways. - Tim O.

Forecast was mid to high 40's and cloudy, we got 35 and sleet. Accumulated to about .5". I still have the rain suit I purchased from the clubhouse for that round. - Troy W.